The History of Β΄ University Department Urological Clinic


The Second Department of Urology University was founded in 1983 by Professor - now Emeritus, Mr. Dimopoulos, established the Regional General Hospital "Sismanoglio", which houses up today after a court ruling stating that allowed the conversion function Sismanogleiou from hospital pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis in a general hospital. Initially the clinic functioned as a "Special Units" as Annex A University Urology Clinic. With the efforts of Professor renovated and reformed the antiquated existing buildings with public money and a donation of the late Mrs. Mary Koulkounti.
Restored installed the first unit of extracorporeal lithotripsy in Greece, among the first in Europe, where working 24-hour curing approximately 30 patients per day. Also sponsored by Mrs. Mary Koulkounti installed the most modern endoscopic unit with machines endoourologias (ouritroskopia, ultrasound, diathermy, endoscopic tools, technical equipment). For the operation of this unit, Mr. Dimopoulos remained in Paris for 15 days in specific center. Thanks to the sponsorship of Mrs.. Koulkounti was in the first Sismanoglio ouritirolithotripsia in Greece.
Both the increasing number of students of the Medical School, and the ever increasing demands for more comprehensive and organized their training, were the motivation for independence and the creation of the Second University Urology Clinic Director Associate Prof. I. . Bekopoulo and strength of 46 beds. Thus, the clinic was staffed by 7 faculty members of the University, and 3 doctors of the NHS.
The activities of the Department expanded both in Greece and in Europe and since 1998 the Second University Department of Urology is the only Greek city of Urology, which has a certification program of clinical studies by the European Board of Urology (EBU).
It is worth noting that the B University Department of Urology was first created website.